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Our Story

Deux Amis { duh zah me }, French for "two friends", was a partnership between two friends, Phyllis Zouzounis and Jim Penpraze. Working together in the wine industry with many a late night relaxing over a glass of Zinfandel after a long day on the crush pad, found the two friends envisioning their own winery. The dream became a reality with the 1987 harvest. That year, Deux Amis produced one hundred cases of Zinfandel from one vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley. 

Today, after 26 years of working together as friends, Jim retires and Phyllis continues to make the dream come true. Phyllis is making the wines in the same tradition, using the same vineyards, working with the owners and growers to produce the great wines of Deux Amis. The truth is great wines start in the vineyard and this is Phyllis' belief and philosophy also.  She has great relationships with her growers created from a handshake and long-term commitments.